Video: Mississippi Supreme Court Takes Aim on Gun Ruling


JACKSON, Miss. (WCBI) -The Mississippi Supreme Court is looking into a 2011 judge’s order restricting guns from courtrooms in the 14th Chancery District.

Lowndes , Chickasaw, Clay, Noxubee, Oktibbeha and Webster Counties are all covered under Chancery Judge Dorothy Colom’s judicial order banning firearms from the courthouses even if with a concealed carry permit.

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That order has since been modified to specify which areas are off limits..

Gun Rights advocate Rick Ward sued Colom saying that ruling violates his rights.

The Supreme Court wants Ward, Each 14th Chancery Court Judge, and the Attorney General to provide more information on why the order should stand.

Specifically, why judges have the right to decide security measures beyond their actual courtrooms and if judges , rather than supervisors, setting rules for courthouse security is a violation of the separation of powers act.