VIDEO: Mississippi University For Women Orientation


COLUMBUS, Miss.(WCBI)—The Mississippi University For Women hosts it’s sixth orientation for the summer.

For many families, the biggest question and concern is surrounding financial aid.

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” It’s everything I thought it was going to be. When we came here on a recruiting visit, it’s everything and more. So, I’m very happy and I know mom will be very happy because she will be safe here at the W,”said parent of an incoming freshmen Michael Poe.

Safety is a top concern but financial aid runs a close second.

“Definitely, applying for financial aid was very difficult. That’s one thing that we were worried about,”said incoming freshmen Kristina Poe.

Kristina Poe is just one of the many students heading to the Mississippi University For Women this fall.

Her father said if she is going to have a smooth transition from South Carolina to the Magnolia State they would have to do their research before arriving to campus for orientation.

“The great thing about the W is the prices and everything were online. So, being former military, we’re using the G.I. Bill. We get a stipend for the monthly dormitory for her room and board and that’s the main thing. I got to visit the V.A. person here on campus and everything is already taken care of and squared away,”said Poe.

Kendal Robertson is one of the people tasked with introducing the students to the university. She says with financial aide being a number one concern for many families they want both the student and parent to have a full understanding moving forward.

Students will have the opportunity to meet with financial aid and actually show them on the computer where they can find their financial aid information and then the parents and family also have a separate session that is just for them for financial aid so they have plenty of opportunities to sit down and talk about their options,”Assistant Director of Student Life Kendal Robertson.

Poe says he is thankful to have assistance from the military but his family’s financial plan doesn’t stop at orientation.

“They can get money for their grades their academics and things of that nature and here at the “W” they offer some things, she’s very interested in history so she’s going to go after a history scholarship at the beginning of the semester,”say Poe.

The last orientation will take place August 2nd. Classes will officially begin the 24th of August.