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LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss.(WCBI)–A bill is passed in the Mississippi House and if it becomes law, parents would receive a grade just like their children in the classroom.

As House Bill 4 heads to the Senate, lawmakers crafting the legislation are convinced parents are going to be a little more accountable when it comes to making sure their children receive and take full advantage of the education provided for them.

Educators say it’s important for parents to take an active role.

“Well we know this that parent involvement is critical. It greatly enhances as child’s chance of being successful,” said Lynn Wright/LCSD Superintendent.

“We’re all about positive parent involvement in the Lowndes County School District. And we want our teachers and our parents to work as team mates. To work together for that student to grow academically,” said Kristie Jones/LCSD Assessment Supervisor.

House Democrat Representative Greg Holloway of Hazelhurst authored the bill.

He is calling it serious, although no penalties or fines are attached. Holloway spoke with us by phone Thursday from the capitol in Jackson.

“Its nothing but a wakeup call to shock parents into reality about the importance of their child’s education,” said Rep. Gregory Holloway/MS House of Representatives.

“At that point the parents should be also able to grade teachers in a sense. Just like bosses, you know they have evaluations and they also evaluate the employees,” said Shondolyn Richardson/Parent.”

“You know some kids will grow up and be successful in spite of their parents. Some kids will grow up and be failures in spite of all their parents efforts. But the chance of being successful is greatly enhanced with a strong family unit,” said Lynn Wright.

Although she and her husband have many responsibilities, Shondolyn Richardson, who has a teenage son, thinks if graded she would be highly evaluated by her son’s teacher.

“Very involved with my child. Especially with him being an 8th grader. A lot of times you know everybody is not necessarily involved with an older child, but I am,” said Shondolyn Richardson.

“We know that the school is a place where great academic success, but the home forms the foundation for the child,” said Gregory Holloway.

“But we are blessed in Lowndes County, we do have a lot of caring parents. And our district has been doing well because of parent involvement, that we do know,” said Lynn Wright.

Rep. Holloway tells WCBI News he would like to see the wording of an amendment removed from the bill, because it may give a false idea that teachers already busy, will have greater responsibilities.

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