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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-From 5 inch heels to modest wedges, more than 500 men strapped on women’s footwear to stomp out sexual violence.

“Every 2 minutes somebody in the US is sexually assaulted and that’s way too many and we want to decrease that. The heels are a very unique way for people to actually walk a mile in her shoes so the men are literally putting on her shoes as a visual and gives them a little bit more perspective on how hard it is to walk in women’s heels and some of the things they have to go through on a daily basis,” said Director for Health Education and Sexual Assault.

And judging from the tripping and falling from the men, they’re getting the message.

“I have to admit they hurt to walk in!! It’s just a little bit of pain. I feel for the women, and this is the lease I can do to show my support,” said Fredrick Thompson.

“I have a mother, a sister, he has a mother a sister. I wouldn’t want anyone beating up on my parents like that,” said Juniors Cartell and Charles Johnson.

They also hope the large turnout will help raise awareness about these all too common crimes.

“Maybe if guys get in on it and show their support it might bring more attention and be more meaningful to those who aren’t willing to believe there is a problem,” said Sophomore Davis Josey.

As for the women, they were more than happy to finally see the shoe on the other foot.

“A lot more than I expected! It’s entertaining to watch, but, i think it’s a great representation of what this event is for,” said Graduate Student Shiloh Quintana.

“I think it’s great to see men experience a little bit of what women go through on a regular day,” said Senior Julisa Maxwell.

And they have a message for all the ladies.

” To all the women, I would like you to know that, I feel your pain and you look good in your heels, heels are not for everyone. And it’s definitely not for me!” said Thompson.

Event leaders say the “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” encourages men not only to take a stand against violence, but also create an environment of zero tolerance for sexual violence on campus.

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