VIDEO: MSU and Ole Miss Fans Express Their Opinions of Recent Coach Decisions

OLE MISS AND MISSISSIPPI STATE, Miss. (WCBI) – The College Coaching Carousel has been going full speed this season, and the SEC is no exception.

Both SEC schools in Mississippi announced big moves this weekend.

Dan Mullen leaves Starkville and the Bulldogs for Gainesville and the Gators, and Ole Miss removes the *interim* from Matt Luke’s title.

For Ole Miss fans, there is a little concern with how the team will do with Luke as the coach and the NCAA rulings yet to be decided.

For MSU fans, many feel they’ve been betrayed.

“We just never know how something is going to turn out. We always have to deal with and be ready to deal with disappointment,” said local licensed counselor, Julia Stephenson.

That is what many Bulldog fans are feeling after Dan Mullen was announced as the new head coach at the University of Florida, disappointment.

“I was a little upset to hear that he was leaving, but we’ve had him for nine years and he’s built our program into something I think would do the next coach proud,” said Bulldog fan, Laura Edwards.

Others see the move as a positive thing.

“Good riddance. I never really cared too much for him anyway, so it’s time for a change,” said Bulldog fan, Brandy Jones.

Counselors understand the emotion behind fan reactions in the popular southern sport.

“Generally, people want to feel like they matter; the people of our area want to feel like they matter to him, that he was as invested in them as they were in him. In seeing him leaving, they do feel a sense of betrayal or that they’re being left behind. They do take it personally,” said Stephenson.

On the other side of the football rivalry, Ole Miss fans also had mixed reactions to interim head coach, Matt Luke, getting the full-time job.

“I’m unsure right now because we don’t know anything about the NCAA rulings, and until we know that I knew we wouldn’t be able to attract a big name coach,” said Ole Miss fan, Jackson Burt.

Regardless of the outcome, the common answer is to see if Luke has what it takes.

“I would assume Luke would be fine. You might as well have someone there that actually cares. Yeah, just give him another year and see how he does,” continued Burt.

“He should. Just put him in there, and see what he has to do and this and that,” said Ole Miss fan Shan Patterson.

With time, emotions about coaches usually fade as the fans return to the stadiums to rally behind the guys who really matter, the players on their favorite teams.


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