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WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI)-Some workers at a West Point plant are celebrating the work they are doing to help Afghanistan return to providing its own security.  Workers there have a reason to be proud of their commitment and speed of delivering a product they have been working on for the military.  The official acceptance of military units received after having been put together in a prompt manner, is being celebrated among those West Point employees.  Money is being saved as 205 armored cabs are retrofit for maximum safety to riders.


“That armored cab provides protection from ballistic and blasts for the crew that will be stationed inside the cab,” said John Munro, Plant Manager.  185 of these units will be used by the Afghan National Army and 20 more by the Afghan National Police.  In just 42 days orders are being filled and Afghans are closer to controlling their own destiny.  “So these vehicles will go throughout the country and they’ll be used for route clarence and hopefully to expediter the mission and keep the Afghan soldiers safe and secure like our soldiers,” said Colonel Bill Boruff, TACOM Project Manager.  “We have received dozens and dozens of communication about how these vehicles have protected so many lives. And obviously we are very very very proud to be able to build those vehicles here in West Point. And provide it for our troops,” said Munro.


And so these workers are giving themselves a pat on the back for doing a good job as quickly as they could.  Thereby improving the safety of the Afghans on a daily basis.   “This will give them another tool in their tool bag to go out there and don that. And meet the presidential repree of getting the U. S. Forces and the Nato Forces out of there by 14,” said Colonel Boruff.  Navistar received the contract just two months ago.  Since 2004 Navistar has provided nearly 9,000 vehicles to Afghan National Security Forces.


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