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LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – An Appalachian Regional Commission grant is helping to train Louisville High School students and adults in the Winston County area for the work place.

The $85,000 grant is being matched by Taylor Machine Works, East Central Community College, Louisville Public Schools, and Winston County Economic Development Partners.

Technology high school students can now train on 9 new state of the art welding machines.

“The high school students, you know it doesn’t cost them nothing to come take these classes. And they are getting two years program which they are getting their certificate after they leave. Which is preparing them for the work force after they leave high school,” said Shane McDaniel, Welding Instructor.

Teens aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the Winston Louisville VoTech Center.

“You know adults are coming in and they are paying  a small fee to use our facility, but they’re getting all the proper training that they could leave here and maybe go to work at industries as Taylor Machine Works here in the local community,” said McDaniel.

“And when we get ready to hire somebody they’ve already got a background and when they come to us. And its easier to bring them on in and start them to work,” said Rod Shealy, Taylor Machine Works.

Student high school drop out rates in Winston County are coming down, and with the addition of the new welding equipment, there is a better chance of moving trainees from their class to local job sites.

“The good equipment that we get and the new equipment we get we learn, give more opportunity for more students to have more experience on welding,” said Brennan Langford, Vo Tech Student.

“Lot more reliable machines they put down way better beads, they are stronger. Just a lot better machines all around, digital, its all better,” said Cameron Nowacki, Winston Academy.

To help with work force training  at the vo tech center, Taylor Machine Works often donates equipment needed for student training.

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