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The New Year is approaching, and that means resolutions like getting back into shape are sure to follow.

This gym may be empty right now, but as the new year comes so do the people.

“We’re not super busy in December, but January, the first week of January we fill right up,” said Director of the West Point Wellness Center Tracey Arnett.

People who make it their resolution to get back into shape tend to burn out after only a short period of time, but there are ways to space out a workout plan.

“I think one of the things is that everybody wants to do everything all at once, at the first of the year, and that becomes overwhelming and unrealistic. That may be one of the reasons people don’t stick with it. So I say make some baby steps, make some small changes. One, may be beginning an exercise program and then a couple of weeks later you can modify your diet,” said Arnett.

There are also people who may just want to start their workouts from home, without having to pay the price of a gym membership.

Ways to solve this is to do things from home, like walking or running in your neighborhood.

Instructors also say that including family member, friends, or pets makes the workout more enjoyable and social.

“There are things you can do like squats and lunges and wall push-ups if you’re just a beginner. You know, I say baby steps. Don’t try to do a hundred of anything,” said Arnett.

Start things small, space things out, and chances are you will follow through with this resolution for the new year.

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