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[bitsontherun 45qPA9O3]TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) –  For this spring break, wellness center staff members wanted to do something special for youngsters.

“We are having a kids fitness challenge for spring break, just a fun time, they really don’t know that they’re exercising,” said Kelli Phipps, kids educator at NMMC’s Wellness Center.

The kids were divided into groups then an adult leader took them through each challenge.

“We will jump rope, run tires, do a chin up, hurdles, sit ups,push a golf cart then we will take sand bags up a hill, flip a big tractor tire then we will do 25 jumping jacks and hit the trail and hope that they will cross the log when they get across the ditch,” Phipps said.

These young athletes say the course was tough, but fun.

What was best part? “The tire.” What was the hardest part? “Tricycle,” said Boone Floyd, of Tupelo.

Why did you want to come out here today? “I’m trying out for the middle school volleyball team in a couple of weeks and I need to get some exercise in,” said Mya Thorderson, of Tupelo.

“My great aunt Susan, she said I was going to swim so I like, I love to swim, so why not? “ So you are doing this cause you get to go swimming later? “Yes,” said Kylie Caver, of Oxford.

“It sounded fun when my mom told me so I said I want to try it.” What did you think? “I think it’s pretty fun,” said Gray Shettles of Tupelo.

“I think it’s important to exercise cause in the Bible it says you’re supposed to take care of your body,” said Tupelo resident Ezekiel Sowell.

Whatever their motivation, these young people spent an hour making new friends, memories, and developing what organizers hope will be a lifestyle of physical fitness.

Next month, NMMC’s Wellness Center will hold a fitness challenge.  It’s all part of a fundraiser for Project Hope.  for more information go to  http://www.nmhs.net/tupelo_wellness_center.php.








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