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OKOLONA, Miss. (WCBI) — After years of citizen complaints and months of debate, Okolona aldermen approved a tough dog registration law. And a new animal control officer has been brought in to help. Okolona city officials tell us they are pleased with Burks’ effectiveness. They say he’s doing what they intended… trying to make neighborhoods safer for children and the elderly. That means enforcing the rules and rounding up stray and roaming dogs. But as with any change, not everyone is happy.

“They are concentrating on pit bulls here in Okolona and they are not giving pit bulls a fair shake. As matter of fact they are condemning pit bulls more or less,” said Dale Lacey during a phone interview.

“Not only pit bulls, your Bulldogs, your German Shepherds, your Great Danes. A lot of these dogs that down here have not been registered in this city here,” said Melvin Burks, Animal Control Officer.

According to Burks, the ordinance has sharp teeth, teeth that are needed.

“You can have a pit bull in the city but he got to be registered. He got to be in a four foot fence, he got to be in a concrete slab, he have to have rabies tag on him. He have to have posted beware of dogs sign,” said Burks.

The officer has written about thirteen citations and is prepared to write more.

“And I know it may make somebody upset but I have a job to do and I’m willing to sit down to explain if you come I will show you the paper if you want to see it that this are the leash laws,” said Burks.

“This council needs to understand this is a small community. It ain’t no big city,” said Lacey.

While stray and vicious dogs are getting most of the attention, the new rules have provisions that address horses, pigs, and cats.

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