Video: Okolona Org Mentors Young Boys with Haircuts

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OKOLONA, Miss. (WCBI) — Studies have shown when a father plays a positive role in their children’s lives it can create better academic and social habits.

One non-profit organization is using a mentoring program to teach young boys to stay on the right path with a haircut.

Many generations of men have sat in a barber chair receiving more than just a haircut.

Several three and four-year-old boys are getting an ear full of wisdom to go along with their new do.

“The Best Boys at the barber shop. We’re bringing the guys in showing them what goes on in the barber shop as far as coming in socializing seeing what all the materials in the barbershop do as far as keeping your clippers clean,” says Bennette Moore.

Better Cuts Barber Shop in Okolona is partnering with the mentors from the Baby Steps program to show young boys the importance of life.

Mentor Kwanza Boone believes teaching these boys grooming tips will build their confidence.

“I was shy and nervous the first time too. So I feel like this serves as a positive pathway to you know better grooming and keep themselves up and grow well,” says Kwanza Boone.

In a few weeks, these young boys will return for another hair cut, but mentors hope this event will be evident for years to come.

“With us helping them they see what we do in life and they’ll want to be more like what we are and that we’re not out their in the streets. We’re doing positive things now. In their young lives so when they get older, they already still on that positive track,” says Moore.

The boys enjoyed a healthy snack from Subway while waiting on their free haircut.


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