Video: Okolona’s School District Seeing a Brighter Future

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OKOLONA, Miss. (WCBI)-The Okolona School District is slowly making a come back since the district came out from under the state last summer.

One of the new changes is the hire of a superintendent for the district.

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After one week on the job, Okolona School District’s new superintendent, Dexter Green, feels confident about his new role.

“I’m finding that there are so many positive things that are happening in our school District the technology, the infestation, I thought were not in place is there. We have consultants that are working with teachers as well as working with students throughout the school district. I am very very impressed my first week with Okolona,” says Dexter Green.

As a 23-year education veteran, Green has already mapped out a plan to help the schools throughout the district get back on track

“We are going to implement more programs that will help us to track and monitor student progress such as a study online assessment program and also look at putting some other things in place to give us more structure in the classrooms such as looking at classroom management, looking at lesson planning,” says Green.

Green comes into the district with a reputation of taking over poor performing schools and transforming them into academic successes. He believes, with time, that the Okolona School District will rebound.

“It’s center around achievement, it’s centered around doing what is best for kids, it’s centered around exposing our kids to our state and national content standards,” says Green.

The Okolona School District has been under the state’s watchful eye for more than three-years. Green believes all his district needs is guidance.

“Support, they need support from the superintendent. They need someone that’s going to pat them on their back and say good job. thank you for choosing to work here in Okolona School district and we appreciate the work that you do with students in the classroom,” says Green.

Green was hired back on March the 25th after Dr. Jerry Woods told the school board he could not take the position.