VIDEO: An Old Service Returns to Noxubee County

MACON, Miss. (WCBI) – Greyhound bus stops, across the country, are almost a forgotten piece of yesteryear, especially in rural areas.

Now, the bus line wants to bring service to Noxubee County for the first time in more than 20 years.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation calls this meeting “Bridging the Gap.”

Through a survey, the agency found transportation gaps in rural areas.

This means residents had little help going from one place to another.

It could take some work and negotiations before that happens.

Greyhound has a specific mission.

“Enabling people to travel across the country,” said Senior Manager of Intermodal Alliances for Greyhound, Steve Abernathy.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation wants bring the bus line back to Noxubee County.

“We did a study to find out where do we have the gaps in and to identify strategies to actually make this happen,” said MDOT Director of Public Transit Division, Shirley Wilson.

“U.S. 45 is a corridor that is underserved, that has significant unmet intercity bus needs, and by able to make connections with Greyhound both in Meridian and possibly Tupelo,” said Abernathy.

Greyhound says it will match any money the Federal Transportation Administration gives toward the project.

The bus line is known for taking travelers to far away destinations.

Those pushing for a Macon stop say, it can also help those who need medical help.

“You’re talking about life essential type thing. If it’s medical needs, generally your larger facilities they’re in larger areas,” said Wilson.

“The state is very well covered by Greyhound, but there are areas of the state where rural transit providers could connect with us. We would provide the residents of those rural communities connection to the national inter-city network,” said Abernathy.

Long-time residents who remember the impact Greyhound once had on the area are excited about the possibility to have it back.

“It’d be a great assistance to Noxubee County, as a whole, if they can get that connection back with Greyhound, because a lot of people like to travel, and they’re not traveling by car. They still want to make a special trip for them; they can go North or South,” said Macon resident, Guss Johnson.

The national inter-city network means a bus stop in Macon would take you to a larger city and then you could make connections throughout the country.

No timetable has been set on when a decision will be made if Greyhound will locate in Noxubee County.


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