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OXFORD, Miss. (WCBI)-The Presidential elections are over. President Barack Obama has another four years in the white house. As many celebrated other broke out into a quarrel.

An hour after the winner for the Presidency was confirmed, a disturbance broke out between students on the University of Mississippi’s campus…

Around midnight, Ole Miss students exchanged racial and violent name calling after the announcement of the re-election of President Barack Obama. It wasn’t long before the crowd grew from 40 students to 400 hundred.

“Yelling things in their cars riding around campus mostly people were just trying to figure out what was going on campus. There was not one person that knew exactly how it started. Right when I got here the UPD already on campus and they were already in the middle of the students taking care of things and sending them back to the residence halls,” says Margaret Ann Morgan.

“Say say this is not a racist campus but last night it was a racist thing to me,” says Mariah Bufford.

Chancellor Dan Jones last night’s incident only reinforces negative stereotypes about Ole Miss.

“This University has a very ugly with race relations things that happened here in 1962. The University of Mississippi is more vulnerable than other places because of our dark history,” says Chancellor Dan Jones M.D.

Despite the University’s history, Chancellor Jones says there one goal in mind in times like these.

“The primary thing we are doing is to be sure the people know this is a warm and welcoming place for everyone despite a handful of students that used ugly racial language last night the vast majority of people on this campus students, faculty, and staff are people who welcome everyone regardless of race regardless of background,” says Chancellor Jones.

Even though Ole Miss community seems to be making leaps and bounds to put the past stigma behind them one student says she doesn’t see the progress after last night’s disturbance.

“I don’t see that they are trying to. I don’t see it they say they are but I don’t see because if they did that wouldn’t happened last night,” says Bufford.

No matter what your feelings are about the quarrel between Ole Miss students, most would agree that the actions of some students gave the whole campus a black eye.

“As a student coming and seeing what was going on last night first, I was disappointed in our students, but you also have to remember that these were students actions it was not the university,” says Morgan.

“It was very pointless and very immature students need to grow up because it’s nothing that we can do,” says Bufford.

Two students were arrested last night. The University will continue with reviews and follow through with punishments for students involved in the disturbance.

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