Video: Online Funding At Catherine Bryan Preschool

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WEST POINT, Miss.(WCBI)–For a child with special needs, the best day is the day when he feels like everyone else.

That inclusive feeling is why the Catherine Bryan Pre School in West Point and the TK Martin Center at MSU are teaming up.

The result is a unique Pre-K classroom blending children with and without special needs .

But this project takes extra money.

part of the funding for this successful project comes from private donations.

The children are sure to benefit from an online crowd funding initiative.

“Our funding comes from a number of different places. Our teacher unit are actually funded through the Mississippi Department of education. But for other services for teacher assistance and that kind of thing. We don’t have funding for that,” said Janie Cirlot-New/MSU TK Martin Center.

After a successful letter writing campaign to raise funds for kids attending this school, Mom Erin Molina took to social media to expand their campaign to help fund special needs.

“Because you access Facebook, you access your email contacts, you access twitter through GoFundMe,” said Erin Molina/Fundraising Parent.

“Basically enough, I mean we still need more but we have enough to get the class started and our hope is that we will have a class that will be blended children with disabilities and children without disabilities as well,” said Janie Cirlot-New.

“So I got to say we have a local business the first five thousand dollars they are going to match it. Its like a race to get to it and the day that I posted that someone donated enough money to get us to the five thousand dollar mark,” said Erin Molina.

In just months online collections in addition to what existed totals over $20,000.

“We would love to be able to provide all of the services that children need for disabilities but it does take funding to do that. And there is not funds from state agencies that cover that kind of funding. So every little penny helps and we are very grateful for that,” said Janie Cirlot-New.

“You know people care. People want to help these kids and that has been life changing for me and for my family,” said Erin Molina.

The online website called The Inclusive Pre K Plus Class remains open with founders getting 8 percent of monies donated to special needs. The online campaign is shaping up to create and stabilize the only inclusive educational model in the Golden Triangle

Even children in the West Point area are donating through the GoFunding effort, children donated 500 dollars they raised selling lemonade at a roadside stand.

To donate please visit

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