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OKOLONA, Miss. (WCBI)-Last week you saw Okolona Elementary School celebrate “Reading across America” to motivate children to read. Now the school is motivating parents to get involved with their children’s reading comprehension.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss was on to something. Third graders at Okolona Elementary school must achieve a certain reading level before they become fourth graders. Tuesday night’s seminar  was designed to get students on the same page with their moms and dads.

“Parents were receiving these progress reports about how their children are doing in Read well, but they weren’t understanding so tonight is to help parents understand how their child is being assessed, what they should look for in terms of homework and also understand what the expectations they should have of their teachers,” says Aisha Goens.

Teachers at Okolona Elementary School are using workshops like the family literacy conference to help parents get involved in their children’s education.

“They’ll learn about the passages that they should practice to need with their children because all of it can’t be done in the classroom. It has to be done at home,” says Goens.

A mother of two, Lakeisha Ivy says the program has allowed her oldest child to learn the joy of reading.

“She enjoys reading she has been in the baby steps program for eight years now. The read well program is an excellent tool that Okolona Schools have brought into the school system,” says Lakeisha Ivy.

Ivy wants her kids to receive the best education possible, and she’s ready to help.

“As a parent I feel like being involved in my child’s education is important for their overall success in school so that’s why I’m here,” says Ivy.

Goen knows children spend two-thirds of their day outside of school, that’s why it’s so important for learning to continue after that last bell rings.

“Parents are their child’s first teacher. It’s highly important that the parents understand how their child is learning how to read so they can help them in the home,” says Aisha Goens

About 20 parents attended Tuesday night’s seminar. In addition to helping their children learn, they were also treated to sack lunch.

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