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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Walking to work, school and the store is a great way to save money and get some exercise. But hoofing it along busy streets can be dangerous.

Adrian Calloway is one of the many people in Columbus who walks to and from work everyday. His young son is often with him on his walks.

“I have to hold his hand, make sure he don’t get in the way, but it shouldn’t be like this, it should be a little wider, I think the sidewalk needs to be wider in order for us to walk and be safe,” says Adrian Calloway.

In some parts of town, there are so many pedestrians that paths have been created in places where sidewalks are desperately needed. Calloway is concerned that many existing sidewalks are too narrow to stay clear of passing cars.

“We just move to the side the best way we can, we try our best to walk on the sidewalk but it’s so little and we might be walking three or four people,” added Calloway.

It’s a hazardous situation for pedestrians walking up and down the road, authorities tell us that the foot traffic is so high in some areas that drivers need to be more alert.

“People that are being inattentive drivers such as being on a cell phone of maybe messing with something in their car they don’t see people and they wind up hitting them,” says Lieutenant Rick Jones.

And with it getting dark early, police warn walkers to wear light colors and stay acutely aware when treading the streets at night.

“Be very, as their walking be very aware of their surroundings, would be with anything. People walking and talking on cell phones, certainly they’re distracted by their conversation… One of the hazards people have is when they’re walking with traffic with their back to the traffic they can’t see if somebody is being inattentive, so it’s always wise to walk facing traffic,” added Lieutenant Jones.

It’s also a good idea to make sure a driver makes eye contact with you, before you cross the street in front of a car.

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