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SHUQUALAK, Miss. (WCBI) – Even though it’s been over a week since the April 11th tornado went through Noxubee County there are still many families trying to put their life back in order.

“All of a sudden the trailer the back end of it lifted up a little bit. As it lifted up I jumped up out of bed. As I fell on the floor the whole back wall of the trailer just blew out. I guess the tornado had taken me and tossed me out back toward the west fence there,” says Ervin Hill.

Ervin Hill was reflecting on the recent tornado that ripped through Shuqualak destroying his home and leaving very little behind.

Tyrone Hill along with his wife and daughters were thankfully not at home the time of the storm when the EF-3 tornado pulled apart every inch of their trailer, leaving nothing salvageable except a few articles of clothing.

“It came through I was at work. And got a phone call from my sister she told I needed to hurry home that her home had been hit. Got here and was in shock when I saw what was going on. I couldn’t believe it. Stood a while and looked at it and it’s just hard to deal with at the moment,” says Tyrone Hill.

Coming home to nothing, Carolyn Robertson says she was in shock, but she says it’s her faith that is getting her through.

“When I first saw it. I was devastated. The home was sitting in the middle of the road when we got home. But by praying and talking to the Lord I feel better. I think we’ll get another home; we have been getting so much help,” says Robertson.

In times of tragedy, you will always find someone helping. With the help from organizations like Samaritans Purse, the Red Cross and local churches the Hills are slowly getting back on their feet.

“We’ve received a great deal of help the community itself has been a great help just samaritans all around,” says Hill.

“I would like to say thank you to everybody that’s pitching in and coming together. I really appreciate that me and my family because if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t even have the clothes on our backs,” says Hill.

The Hills plans on rebuilding where the home used to be.

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