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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) -Another pit bull attack in the Longview Community of Oktibbeha County, leaves a miniature horse dead.
It was a traumatic experience for Erica Collins. She and her two young children were the only ones home Wednesday morning when they heard dogs barking loudly in their backyard.

According to Erica, two pit bulls and a German Shepherd got under the fence and attacked her miniature horse, named Bandit. Two of the dogs were captured, but one of the pit bulls is still on the loose. It’s a tragedy Erica will never forget.

“I heard a terrible racket like dogs barking, my horse was screaming it was not naying it was actually screaming in the pasture and I ran out there and there were three dogs on my horse and the pit bull had Bandit by his back legs and just horrifying, just destroyed my horse,” said Erica Collins.

Erica says the dogs tried to attack her, but Bandit, who weighed 130 pounds, fought them off. Some neighbors rushed to help, but Bandit was too badly injured to save. The brave little horse died in Erica’s arms.
If anyone has spotted a black pit bull with a black collar on the loose, contact the Oktibbeha County Sheriffs department.


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  • AW

    Those dangerious dogs should be put to death. The owners prosicuted to the max !
    There is no excuse for something like that.

  • Tarver

    There is no excuse for criminal acts like this happening. we have laws about dogs running loose. Why would anyone let dangerious preditors like this run loose. Owner should be Jailed.

  • erica collins

    Thank you for putting bandit story out there thank you

  • larry

    The owner or owners of the pit bulls should be jailed and should replace the horse at their exspene

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