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PONTOTOC, Miss. (WCB) – The annual parade in the North Mississippi town of Pontotoc was a big one today [Thursday], people there have come to expect a good time as they get decked out in their red, white, and blue colors. Bicycles, four-wheelers, golf carts, and even boats came rolling down main street.

Each year the Pontotoc parade originally designed for the kids keep getting bigger. Thats because those kids of all ages have joined in the fun as well. For the celebration people living there, like the Cox Family, always plan the night before on getting there early to pick out a favorite spot.

“It was going to be really cool and we were going to have fun,” said Elizabeth Cox, Parade Goer.

And make no mistake, the young ones know why the huge crowd marching from Pontotoc Junior High, down main street, and rounding out the circle at Court Square is all about.

“Fourth of July means that when they told the people that they didn’t want to have them as their ruler anymore and they had to make their own rules,” said Alauna Morris, Parade Goer.

Simply put, in the mind of the children, and those who are kids at heart….. it spells freedom.

“Freedom to worship God the way that I want to, freedom family and friends. And just to enjoy life,” said Stephanie Austin, Pontotoc.

“Because the soldiers risked their lives for our independence and I think that that’s a special thing,” said Andrew Morris, Pontotoc.

Special too, is the freedom enjoyed by parade goer Stephanie Austin as she waves and watches her son Landon ride by in his wagon all decked out in patriotic colors.

Fireworks are planned at Howard Stafford Park in Pontotoc tonight at 7 P.M., and a movie will be shown at the campground area.



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