Video: Potholes Next Headache for Road, Public Works Crews

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Lowndes County, MS (WCBI NEWS) If the subfreezing temperatures aren’t enough to deal with, road and public works crews across the region know they have another headache likely coming soon.

Sunday night’s rains combined with rapidly freezing temperatures mean potholes could be a major problem for city, county and state roads.

The rain seeps into cracks into the pavement and freezes. When it thaws, it expands, making the cracks worse. Cars and trucks driving over the weakened pavement creates potholes. That means lots of work ahead.

“Basically what we’ll be looking for when it thaws up is anytime you have water and a freeze behind it it causes the roads to crack in places and buckle in places. Naturally you’ll have potholes and we’ll be addressing all the potholes and shoulders,” explained Lowndes County Road Manager Ronnie Burns.

Workers say the problem is particularly bad along road shoulders.

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