VIDEO: R.E. Hunt High School’s 50th Class Reunion Celebration

COLUMBUS, Miss.(WCBI)—The R.E. Hunt High School class of 1967 reunited for their 50th reunion during this pre 4th of July weekend.

Saturday, the former classmates, went marching up to the doors of the former African American high school, in the first ever class reunion parade.

“I traveled all the way from Detroit Michigan to get here. It’s such a pleasure to be celebrating 50 years,”said Hunt graduate Robert Howard.

Those were the feelings of all, as the former R.E. Hunt High School graduates lined up for a parade, in honor of their class reunion.

“We’re so excited that we have almost 80 classmates from all over this country. We had a good time last night at our meet and greet and are ready now to celebrate and get ready for tonight,”said event organizer Dorothy McClunglewis.

McClunglewis and John Brown spear headed the festivities for the weekend. McClunglewis says this would not be possible without the community.

” We’re thankful that the Convention Bureau gave us nice bags to give to each class members and a lot of things we had in there to fill the bags up. The community has been great. All of the local businesses on this route have consented to give us something as we march. We will be getting drinks,hot dogs, and all kinds of stuff on the way,”said McClunglewis.

R.E. Hunt served many roles during it’s time as a learning institute.  Along with being a high school, over the years, it’s been a junior high and intermediate school.

During the Civil Rights Era, It was the only school where African American’s could go to receive an education.

McClunglewis says the class of 67 was fully segregated but they weren’t the last class to leave Hunt.

“We had some students that were test students to leave like maybe 68, 69 to go over and see how they faced the crowd and learn how to do things a different way,” said McClunglewis.

It’s been half a century, McClunglewis says all the hard work and effort on the event was worth it.

“It’s just so nice to see them and just to see how they are doing. They made it here in one piece and we’re just so excited, it’s been a glorious weekend,”said McClunglewis.

Saturday night the celebration continues with a banquet.

“Tonight, on the banquet, we’re going to salute the veterans that was in our class which was about 35 of them. We look to have a good time over at Lowndes Hill,”said McClunglewis.

The former High School is known in Columbus as the R.E.Hunt Museum and Culture Center.

Sunday the reunion will conclude with a memorial service honoring the classmates who’ve passed.

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