Video: Reality TV Comes to Columbus in ‘Stilettos’

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – You can’t turn on your television without seeing a reality show these days and now a group of young women right here in Columbus are making a reality t.v. show of their own.

The show is called Lyfe in My Stilettos and it follows the lives of six young women overcoming life’s challenges as they continue to pursue their dreams. These fabulous women make it all happen while wearing their high heel stilettos and the show’s creator, Laqulia (La-kwee-la) Shinn says it gives viewers a chance to see what it’s like to walk a day in their shoes.

“Our main focus is to show women that are chasing after their dreams, that are going through the struggles of life and just embracing them with a smile, with the drive to just brand themselves and to brand this city,” says Shinn.

Twenty-eight year old Shinn says though there may be some drama in the show, the goal is to help each woman grow spiritually and to become all that she can be in her career, education and personal life. Shinn says this is no ordinary reality show.

“A lot of them focus in on negativity, drama, sex, drugs, but as for us, we focus more on giving the people and definitely the children another aspect, another look on reality shows because everything doesn’t have to be negative,” says Shinn.

The show shares the same name as a book she wrote and Shinn says the response to the show has been everything she hoped for.

“The outpouring of love that I got, it just let me know that this is what our city needed, this is what not only our city needs but what other cities need and it was just an amazing feeling to get the love,” says Shinn.

All of the cast members are 20-something, Columbus natives that include Tiffany Johnson, Bianca Stevenson, Niesha Rush, Sheena Hill and Desiree Smith. The show is still in development but you can find the first episode of Lyfe in My Stilettos on YouTube.

So far the Columbus-based reality show has nearly 4,000 views on YouTube.

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