Video: Retail Holiday Weekend

by Victoria Bailey

STARKVILLE, COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)—Well it’s back to school for some area students and that means it’s time to stock up on back to school gear.

It’s the eve of the Tax Free Weekend and shoppers are already getting their lists together for their back to school needs.

Sport Center in Starkville manager Bobby Craig says,” it’s hundreds… I mean really really busy.”

With class just around the corner, back to school shopping is a must and student mom Lindly Peterson Says this weekend gives her a chance to get all she needs to kick of the school year the right way.

Peterson says,”Stalking up on uniforms kids have grown over the summer so they definitely need new; Shorts, shirts, shoes especially to start school in.”

stores all across the golden triangle will be participating in the retail holiday weekend.

Craig says,”We’re prepared we already got a few more people in on staff then we would on normal summer days that are slower and we’re also prepared to provide lunch for our employees so no one has to leave to take a lunch break.”

Belk store manager Larry Armstrong says,” It’s a black out weekend so we don’t allow our any associates to take any vacations. Everybody is on deck. We use all the operations people everybody will be on the floor helping to assist customers. We have a schedule for emptying out the fitting rooms and replenishing stalk so we have a pretty good plan in place.”

Though the retail stores receive more foot traffic this weekend, Belk Store Manager Larry Armstrong says only a few things in Mississippi are tax free.

Armstrong says,”I wish the whole store was tax free cosmetics would definitely benefit by it and hand bags also.”

And though this is a busy and tiring time of year for the stores they are glad to serve the community.

Craig says,”It’s a joy to serve our customers I mean we really have a value for anybody that chooses to shop.”
The tax free Retail holiday kicks off at midnight.

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