VIDEO: The Rock Movement Continues To Gain Attention In North Mississippi Towns

AMORY, Miss.(WCBI)—Lions, minions, hot dogs; are just a few things you can find just laying around, outside, in some North Mississippi communities, in the form of decorative rocks.

It’s a designer rock movement that began in the Memphis area and has made it’s way down.

Reading a Memphis newspaper was all it took for Analise Hall to bring the rock movement to the railroad city.

“We have such a small town, I thought it would be something awesome if we could get it going where I’m from,”said Hall.

662 Rock Amory was born. Community members grab a rock and decorate them with unique; colors, images, designs, and quotes of inspiration.

“It’s kind of whatever’s special to you,”said Hall.

The rocks are then hidden for the area children to find, with clues to help, left on the 662 Rock Amory Facebook page.

Jennifer Fines is a mother of two. She says she’s not much of a painter but her family loves getting out and participating.

“What we like to do is go up main street one side and then come back down the other. We take all the rocks we find and take them to our new nature trail. We rehide them out there.  Usually while we are re-hiding them, we find more rocks,”said Fines.

662 Rock Amory began in May. Hall says the rocks not only get the kids from in front of the t.v. screens but it’s brought the entire community alive.

” Me an my husband and my son were going to go hide some, well we waited till after dark so it was cool and it was probably 15 to 20 families that had flashlights and buckets. They were just hiding and hunting,”said Hall.

Abbie Stanford says its great decorating,finding and hiding rocks but the best part is the children’s reaction.

Seeing this little kid in a picture in the comments going I got your rock! It’s really cool,”said Rock painter Abbie Stanford.

So far, at least 10 Mississippi communities participate in the Rock Movement but Hall says there are more joining every week.

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