Video: Salon Expands During Pandemic

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The pandemic has caused traffic to slow down at many businesses. And some have had to close their doors all together. But for a Tupelo-based salon, business is booming. And now the owners have decided to expand in Columbus.

The owners of Endless Beauty decided to open their salon after putting their two interests together. Jane Maddox and Sherita Ward opened their first location in Tupelo.

“Well, I am an eyelash artist and Jane is a former cosmetologist and so we have been great friends for quite some time,” said Ward. “We have been thinking about ways to get ourselves out there in the community to help bring others to the set, and she called me one night and said hey I got an idea, and I was like that’s a great idea, so we decided to roll with it.”

Their salon offers a variety of services for nails, brows, and eyelashes.

The owners said even during the pandemic their salon has seen steady support from their customers.

“Oh, its really been great,” said Ward. “The response has been great because you have a lot of people who don’t live in the Tupelo area or a lot of people who are not actually in the Columbus area, so they are able to come to either of the locations.”

Ward said others with business ideas should not let the fear of the economic climate stop them.

“You have to step out on faith, that’s the only way you are going to be able to do it,” said Ward. “You’ve have got to trust God and step out on faith.”

That faith, she said, has given them the confidence to expand.

“Oh, it has been awesome, the support is really great, and we are really grateful that’s everyone,” said Ward. “I mean it turned out great, I’m telling you it’s really awesome.”

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