VIDEO: School Board Suspends Student For One Year, Lawsuit Could Be Coming


LAMAR COUNTY, Ala. (WCBI)-An eighth grader at Sulligent High School has been expelled from the school district after marijuana seeds and prescription drugs were found in her backpack just over two weeks ago.

On Thursday, the Lamar County School Board of Education voted unanimously to suspend the female student for a year.

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However, aside from the drugs, there is another issue involved.

The 8th grade student who is not being identified because she’s a minor, complied with school leaders and admitted that she did have drugs and paraphernalia inside her backpack.

The prescription medication did belong to the student, but part of the problem is the pills were loose in a ziploc bag, rather than in the medicine bottle.

However, the matter didn’t stop there.

According to her mother, once the drugs were found, the school’s principal Dr. Lisa Stamps, strip-searched the student as she was trying to see if the student had any other drugs on her.

After not finding any drugs the first time, the mom says Dr. Stamps then stripped searched her again a second time.

The girl’s mother admits that her daughter should not have had the drugs inside her backpack, but she does have a problem with her daughter being strip-searched twice.

During the hearing, the student’s attorney issued a demand letter to the school board saying her 4th Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure was violated.

He’s asking for a $100,000 settlement and for Stamps to be fired.

The parties have until September 27th,  to meet those demands, if not, the attorney said he plans to file a lawsuit against the school board and the principal.

The student’s attorney said he didn’t not want to give an on-camera comment at this time.

School Superintendent Vance Herron also declined to comment on the matter.