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NORTHEAST Miss. (WCBI)- Katy Richey is a mother of 4 and admits she strongly opposed the uniform policy when Starkville Schools changed it 2 years ago.

“I had 3 kids in the district at the time and the first thing that popped in my mind was, Oh, now I have to buy all new clothes for my children,” said Richey.

But, they had to put up with the policy and purchase the new clothes. Katy says when they started doing the math, she and a lot of other parents had a change of heart.

“Everybody settled down a bit, especially, some of my friends are kind of relieved because they can now say, this is their uniform, these are their school clothes, these are their play clothes. There’s no argument over what you’re going to wear. It’s actually considerably cheaper,” said Richey.

The Lowndes County School District recently backed down from their mandatory uniform policy, allowing schools to opt out. Caledonia High School Students Shane Chawich and Katelyn Booth think it’s the right decision.

“I know people believe it would be better financially for people, but we did a study in my public speaking class that it actually costs more to have school uniforms because you’re buying at least 5 vs school clothes. So, you’re actually spending more money in excess,” said Chawick.

“I don’t want school uniforms. I know that they say it will eliminate the groups and stuff, but, we’ve all known each other since we were little and that is not going to change just because we all got new clothes,” said Booth.

As for parents who are still unsure about having their children wear uniforms, Katy says don’t rule it out.

“It’s just clothes, don’t stress. And just keep your eye out in the summer for really good sales. A lot of the local stores will run them,” said Richey.

Administrators tell us Caledonia and New Hope will likely opt out of the uniforms and stick with standard dress codes.



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  • TB

    I can understand kids not wanting uniforms, and perhaps if the dress codes were enforced at the schools, the parents would be open to not implementing them. I attended an awards ceremony at New Hope this morning, and I could not believe how short some of the skirts were, they were not appropriate for school. Most employers would not allow that attire and have dress codes against it, kids in school should not be allowed to dress like that either.

  • Salana

    to tell you the truth uniforms cost more then regular clothes they be like 5 dollars for one shirt im like woww when im shopping so uniforms suck No uniforms i say NO NO NO NO Uniforms

  • Lorenzo

    I think students should not were school uniform. Also I hate school uniforms because I don’t no why we have to were school uniform.

  • Asha Mererdith

    This is amazing but i need to write an essay so mmmhmmm.

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