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UNDATED, Miss. (WCBI)-The Summer sun is beating down. Tinting your windows can keep your car a little cooler. Just make sure you don’t go too dark. In the interest of transparency, Light should be shed on the issue. We are now officially into the Summer months and motorists whether on a vacation or a stay-cation, might want to restrict the amount of sunshine penetrating their vehicle. Sort of a stylish way of keeping cool.

“Not for just the looks, because thats typically what people think, people get tint for, they get it for heat and glare reduction. Which makes for a safer driving environment. And it also protects the interior,” said John Lindsey, Trim Master.

With the installation of tinting, the over abundant harmful rays of the sun are kept somewhat at bay.

“Such as the UV-A that penetrate deep and causes cancer so it has a lot of benefits,” said Lindsey.

“Each state has a different regulation. Ours is 28% for now. Thats the darkness, the lower the number the darker the film gets,” added lindsey.

“And if it reads less than 28% of vision through, that means they have to take the tint off. It has to be 28% above for them to keep it on,” said William Wells, William Wells Tire & Auto.

While the law is getting some light off of you the motorist, that same restriction is making it safer for law enforcement personnel who must peer through. There are some exemptions to the tinted window restrictions.

“Now if you have a doctor’s permit or for skin or sensitive eyes, then you don’t typically have restriction on how dark,” said Lindsey.

If motorists are in full compliance with the tinted window law, they get a tint sticker. Its a must before they get a regular yearly state inspection sticker. In Alabama, tinted windows must allow more than 32 percent of light in.



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