Video: Sheriff’s Deputies For Artesia

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ARTESIA, Miss.(WCBI)–The tiny Lowndes County town of Artesia is getting ready to beef up its law enforcement presence. The long range plan is to hire a town marshal much like the town of Caledonia. An immediate law enforcement initiative being put in place for right now.

Although the population in the small town of Artesia is only about 450 residents, it’s still had its share of dangerous moments that have required law enforcement over the years. Big events like Artesia Days draw folks from all over. The railroad tracks, a growing industrial area and busy Highway 45 Alternate on its border all open the door to visitors.

“And hopefully we’ll curb, you know some of that. In some instances we get people coming in from a lot of other different communities and they create king of awkward situations. So we want to make sure that people enjoy themselves and at the same time people are safe,” said Supervisor Leroy Brooks/District 5-Lowndes County.

To increase a presence in Artesia and the western part of the county, the Lowndes sheriff’s department is scheduling three deputies in the area. Lowndes Supervisors have agreed to allow the town to use one of there surplus vehicles.

“These will be certified deputies from the sheriff’s department working part time for us,” said Mayor Jimmy Sanders/Artesia.

“I think its a good idea to keep our town safe. And secure from everything. I think it’ll be a great idea,” said Patricia Sykes/Artesia Resident.

“This is where we live and I was born and raised here, and we want to improve our town,” said Hattie Sanders/Artesia Resident.

Hundreds of proud citizens call Artesia home, a place where extra funds earmarked for city services are in short supply, so the gift of a patrol car that will be equipped for use by deputies is a welcomed addition.

“We’ve really wanting to do this thing for a long time, but we really didn’t have the funds to do it with,” said Mayor Jimmy Sanders.

Their schedules are not set yet but, those deputies are expected to be in place in Artesia by the first of June.

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