VIDEO: Slow Down on Highway 12

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Highway 12 and Russell Street in Starkville are going to be seeing more police officers for the next few months.

Reports of speeding when workers are present during a major construction project have raised concerns for the safety of workers.
Now, SPD is stepping in.
It’s surprising that people would even consider speeding, with the amount of cones, uneven lanes, and people around highway 12, still it’s posing a problem.
SPD doesn’t want to be the bad guy during this time, but they will do whatever it takes to keep workers safe.
People in Starkville are almost used to the construction on Highway 12 and Russell Street.
“An individual will be out in the road, working. You’ll have things like uneven lanes, traffic cones out in the road,” said SPD Public Information Officer, Brandon Lovelady.
Some drivers don’t seem to care.
“We’ve gotten complaints of people speeding through those workzones, and we want a presence out there. There is signage that is up, but we still have people speeding,” said Starkville Police Chief, Frank Nichols.
A study given to SPD by the Mississippi Department of Transportation gives concrete reasons why people should be mindful road workers.
“Between 2003 and 2015, 1571 workers lost their lives at construction points,” said Nichols.
No one has been injured in Starkville, and police want to keep it that way.
“We want to ensure that not only the workers but any visitors and citizens, we want to make sure they go home safely, everyday. We want to bring awareness to all this construction,” said Lovelady.
“The officers assigned to the normal shift will increase their patrolling around highway 12,” said Nichols.
With the start of another school year, there will soon be more drivers on this already busy main road.
“We realize that the student will be coming back to town real soon. We want to ask them to be cognizant about what’s going on on Highway 12. We have workers that wear bright colors, but they’re everywhere,” said Nichols.
A speeding ticket in Starkville is around $200.
If you’re caught in a construction zone, it’s going to be doubled to $400.
Nichols says Highway 12 drivers should leave a little earlier, have a little more patience, and above all drive slow.
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