Video: Smithville Church in New Building After 2011 Tornado

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SMITHVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – The April 2011 tornados left a path of destruction in its wake. Smithville Baptist Church fell victim to the twister and now two years later, they are finally in a new church building.

For members of Smithville Baptist, April 27th, 2011 feels like yesterday.

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“That day was pretty devastating. I saw God start right there. And then with my mother and father they both survived. So God was in control. And everyone just found each other and hugged each other,” says Mitzi Summerford, a Smithville Baptist Church member.

The church briefly met in a tent before they were able to rent a place to hold Sunday services. The congregation didn’t wait long to begin planning for a new church and raise funds for its construction.

“I thought there’s too many bad folks, not any good ones and I found out through this experience that there’s a lot of good people out there,” says long-time church member, Bob Tidwell.

After Oklahoma recently had its own devstating tornado, members of Smithville Baptist went to pass on some of the generosity they had received.

“People have been so good to us in this community and they sent help from all over the country that we just felt like we had to help,” says Tidwell.

Now that Smithville Baptist is finally settling into its new home, they are anticipating the growth the facility will allow.

“We just want people to come and be part of our family. And to know the awesome God we serve,” says Summerford.

Members of Smithville Baptist  traveled to Oklahoma to help with relief efforts.