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SMITHVILLE, Miss.(WCBI) – Smithville was one of the hardest hit communities on April 27, 2011 when a EF-5 tornado came through taking homes, businesses and even lives. The scars still remain, but the town is getting stronger.

Just two years ago the town of Smithville lost nearly everything, but today they are celebrating the strides they’ve made since the April 2011 tornado.

“We were knocked to our knees for a while we got our feet back on the ground we have our plans, we have everything rolling in the right way and our future is bright,” says Mayor Gregg Kennedy.

During Smithville’s 2nd Annual Memorial Day celebration residents had the opportunity to tour the new elementary school. Mayor Gregg Kennedy says the communities optimism is spreading throughout the town.

“We’re going to start moving into a new school here in a couple of weeks out of the temporary site and there is excitement in the air just about that one thing,” says Mayor Kennedy.

Not only do the residents of Smithville get to see progress with their schools, but now there is a new business coming to town.

Inventor and Entrepreneur John Campbell, one of the guest speakers at today’s event revealed he intends to make Smithville the manufacturing location for his recent invention JC Bunker Beds; which the community got a chance to see up close.

“What we are about to unveil here today in Smithville, is a bunker bed that you can sleep in and it looks like your regular bed, but anything, trees can fall on it, whole house can fall on it and you and your family can walk away with your lives,” says John Campbell.

Campbell came up with the idea after he lost a loved one in a tornado and says Smithville is the best location for the product.

“Because there is a need that’s what makes Smithville so unique for me to bring my company here to manufactor this JC Bunker Bed. Besides creating jobs, the local community college, the people that they train for welding and wood work, it’s just going to be a great opportunity and a win win situation for everybody,” says Campbell.

As Smithville’s future grows brighter, some residents are hoping their home will continue to be the place for future business opportunities.

“I’m excited about as it as I said that we were just thrilled that anyone will come to Smithville. We are a loving family here and we are excited they are coming in here and hope others people will consider us to be their business decisions here in Smithville,” says Renee Seals.

If you would like to know more information about the JC Bunker Bed just go to www.jcbunkerbeds.com

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