Video: Starkville Student Uses IPad To Attend Class From Home

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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — A Starkville elementary student is not letting cancer keep her from going to school.

Even though doctors have advised Joelle Lindner’s parents to keep her home while she undergoes treatment, they have made arrangemens with the school to use technology as teaching tool. Joelle now attends class by using Facetime on an Ipad

Her teacher, Cynthia Jefferson, says besides a few technical glitches here and there, it’s just like Joelle is sitting at her desk.

“We call on her. She can see the board. She answers questions. She asks questions. She gets into the trouble just like the other kids when she’s not paying attention.”

Her mother, Melissa Lindner, says the set-up has kept JoJo in good spirits. “I know she cannot physically touch them and play with them, but it has kept her connected to her friends as much as possible.”

Joelle’s parent have set up a Facebook page to keep family and other supportes update on Joelle’s progress. The page is called “Prayers for JoJo.”

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