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CLAY COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)-Theirs is a story of courtship by snail mail and an enduring love affair that has stood the test of time.

60 years after two clay County sweethearts became one by way of holy matrimony, their love have endured.

Clay County resident Ruby Quinn still has the letter her husband Odell wrote her in 1980, while she and her daughter Darise Jackson spent time with the military while in Germany.

Quinn, the mother of five children was always known in the Tibbee community as being a person with a loving heart even while in grammar school.

“When I couldn’t get my lesson right, Ruby and another girls named Ann Lee Hughes would help me with my lesson cause the next day I would bring them some buddle gum or some candy from that day at the store. And they helped me with my lesson,” said Joe B. Amos, Family Childhood Friend.

Be that as it may, that good hearted woman had committed herself to fiance Odell Quinn, who insisted their pairing together was nothing but a divine selection process after much prayer.

Ruby Quinn’s bow had popped the question, but not before numerous letters, no computers, just snail mail from Mississippi to Chicago where our bride-to-be was living with her parents.

“And the mailman would be out there blowing late at night with a letter for me. And my father would get angry start fussing saying, there is no sense in nobody writing that many letters all this time a night, everybody asleep. Oh some times I would get three or four letters during the whole week,” said Ruby Quinn.

The dapper groom-to-be finally got up enough courage to ask for his sweetheart’s hand in marriage.

“Daddy took a moment and he thought about it and he said, okay. You can have her but when it gets to that you can’t no longer love her, you bring her back where you got her from,” said Odell Quinn.

Their marriage has not been an easy one, but 60 years and five children later, 80 year old Odell Quinn never wanted to bring his bride back home to her father’s house to live.

” You know we had our ups and we have had our downs, but then we had to still come together and agree,” said Ruby Quinn.

“You know its love thats what kept us together for all those 60 years. Hasn’t been for Him, we probably wouldn’t have been together,” said Odell Quinn.

The Quinns went to the justice of the peace and tied the knot the day after Christmas in 1952.

Ruby Quinn wanted to get her hair done for the occasion.

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  • Patricia Yancy

    Great story of the joy of love and family commitment “til death do us part”, the way God intended it to be. Congratulations to this beautiful couple.

  • Della Quinn Coleman

    This beautiful love story is told by my Uncle Odell & Aunt Ruby Quinn. There love displays God, plan for happiness in life and marriage.Continue blessing and Happiness …..

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