Video: Student Athlete of the Week: Sarah Morgan Pellum, Starkville Academy HS, Girls Basketball

[syndicaster id=’6139964′] STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI Sports) — Sarah Morgan Pellum is in her junior year at Starkville Academy. She is one of the top students in her class and she also attends First Baptist Church in Starkville where she is involved with church missions and bible study groups. WCBi’s Jonathan Flippo has more with this week’s student athlete of the week.

Sarah Morgan Pellum is been playing numerous sports for the last two seasons. She plays basketball and tennis and has played softball for the last two years, but she has given up on softball this year to participate in Cross-Country. Pellum also manages her time well with school while playing sports.

“It’s a lot like you just have to manage your time well and like put school like obviously before sports,” said Student Athlete Sarah Morgan Pellum.

Head Basketball Coach Glenn Schmidt has been coaching for thirty nine years and is now in her 13th season at Starkville Academy. Schmidt says Pellum is one of the finest girls that she’s ever coached.

“Sarah Morgan is an over-achiever. She’s worked really hard on her game. The parts of her game that continue to need work she works on. She’s very dedicated. She’s one of the finest girls, all around girls that I’ve ever coached,” said Head Coach Glenn Schmidt.

Pellum’s teammates Hannah Cuevas and Sydney Passons have seen the leadership that she has brought to the team.

“I’ve played with her since the ninth grade and she’s been welcoming. She’s a really good hustler. She always tries and she just gives it her all every time she’s out there,” said teammate Hannah Cuevas.

“She always works really hard and she’s a great presence in the post, and she’s always been to where we can count on her, and to always gets some shots up,” said teammate SydneyPassons.

Pellum was selected as the Rotary Scholar of the week just a few weeks ago out of the entire Starkville School District for her academics.

“It’s just like an honor to get picked for that and it’s just like it shows how hard I’ve worked for my grades,” Pellum said.

Pellum also manages her time well with school while  playing sports.

“It’s a lot like you just have to manage your time well and like put school like obviously before sports,” Pellum said.

Starkville Academy has a rich history for winning state titles. They have won two overall state titles in 2012 and 2013 with the 2013 season being undefeated.

Pellum says she would love to win another one.

“It would mean a lot because like it’s a whole different team than what won the state championship, so it would be just like a lot of fun,” Pellum said

The Lady Volunteers will return to action on January 5th when they host Hebron Christian.


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