Video: Students Find Creative And Respectful Way To Remember 9-11

MOOREVILLE, MISS. (WCBI) -Seventh graders at Mooreville Middle School weren’t even born on September 11 2001, but they do know that each American flag, placed outside the school’s entrance, represents a life lost during the worst terror attacks on this nation.

Teachers wanted to do more than simply teach about the day that changed America, they wanted students to do their own research, and be creative.

“We have been calling it our 9 eleven museum walk,” said Teacher Marsha Gray.

Along with the flags, the museum walk features a room full of storyboards, created by the students, representing many hours of work.

“They have wanted to stay in at break, they have wanted to stay in at lunch, they have spent their lunches in the classrooms with us, working on these boards, having discussions about 9 11 with each other,” Gray said.

Each storyboard has a theme; some focus on the structural makeup of the Twin Towers, others look at the nation’s response, and a few tell about those who ran to the danger.

Keagen Weathersby’s Dad is a captain with the Tupelo Fire Department. His storyboard features turnout gear he got when he was three years old, because he wanted to be like his Dad. Keagen says it’s important to remember the sacrifices made by so many.

“They were risking their lives just to save people and to me that’s real cool , they knew they were going to die, but they stayed in there to save people,” Weathersby said.

His classmates say they learned a lot about the importance of patriotism and defending freedom.

“Something like that could happen again, and to make sure our world stays safe,” said Kallie Smith.

Teachers hope to make the 9 11 Museum an annual project.

More than 140 students took part in the 9 11 museum.

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