Video: Survey Shows Fathers Are More Involved in Parenting

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GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. – (WCBI) Results of a new survey released today[Friday] by the National Center for Health Statistics indicates that most fathers in the country say they are heavily involved in hands-on parenting of their children.

When it comes to contributing and carrying an equal share of the load in the home, family members who are married and others we spoke with that are co parenting, its becoming more of an equal partnership in terms of duties.

“My boyfriend does pretty good. He helps out, he cleans, he cooks, he changes diapers. He is a good one,” said Luaren Szurko, Noxubee County.

“Well I work and I come home and if my wife needs me I’ll help around the house. You know cook and clean,” said Henry Jennings, Columbus.

Erica Skelton of Lowndes County agrees with the latest findings about men and the children they father.

“Unfortunately, the father of my child is not involved in the baby’s life. But I have a wonderful father,” said Skelton.

Figures from the Center for Disease Control Prevention indicates that of the 4,000 fathers surveyed, aged 15 to 44 married or living with their partner. Dads are more engaged when it comes to bathing, feeding, reading books with their kids and the like.

“My father helps out around the house just as much as my mother does. He is always building stuff, cooking, cleaning; He does the laundry just as much as my mamma does,” said Skelton.

“I think many fathers should step up to the plate and help their spouses out because it take two you know,” said Jennings.

Although, in some cases, negative attitudes about absent dads may be justified, people WCBI News spoke to are giving the fathers in their life a pat on the back for lending a helping hand.

Survey says, “Children of engaged fathers appear to be happier, healthier, and do better in school.”





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