Video: Team Rubicon Pulls up Sleeves to Assist with Cleanup Efforts

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NORTH MISSISSIPPI (WCBI) — An international disaster-recovery group is in North Mississippi tonight helping with clean-up efforts after last week’s devastating tornadoes.

The organization Team Rubicon is made up of veterans and first responders who say they want to make it easier on those hit hard by the storms.

Dozens of people with Team Rubicon are helping Winston County residents in a long road to recovery.

“Most of us are military veterans or first responders, so we have the strength and the skills to hopefully make a difference for these communities,” Erica Chomsky with Team Rubicon said.

Workers with Rubicon have been here since one day after the storms blew through, assessing the storm damage to more than 350 homes in Winston County.

“Once we saw what had happened here, we knew we had to come and help,” Chomsky said. “For a lot of our guys, the continued service to their country and to their community is really important, and we’re really quite honored to be able to serve the residents of Winston County in this manner.”

Volunteers aren’t letting the rainy weather keep them from working.

For now they’re cleaning and fixing up their equipment making sure they’re ready for the 500 volunteers who will help with recovery efforts.

“We’re going to be pushing out chainsaw teams,” Chomsky said. “We’re going to be pushing out debris removal teams.”

Volunteers aren’t just working outside, but inside too — putting together care packages with some of the supplies here for the storm victims.

“The help that we’ve been receiving to help them has been heart warming to say the least,” Bob Obernier with Team Rubicon said.

These vet volunteers say it’s a great feeling to serve others again.

“To be able to continue helping others and helping the people in need is very fulfilling for me,” Obernier said.

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