Video: Ten Million Dollar Solar Farm Almost Ready To Capture Energy In Local County

HOUSTON, MS (WCBI) – A 30 acre plot of farmland is now home to a solar farm.

Silicon Ranch Corporation invested ten million dollars to build and operate the solar farm. The company also runs a solar farm in Okolona.

“This will put renewable energy on the electric grid, solar power, catching resources, really from the sun right here in Mississippi,” said Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley.

Energy harnessed by the 26,000 solar panels will be converted to electricity, and sent to a nearby substation through powerlines.

It will produce enough energy to power 400 homes and businesses.

This solar farm isn’t just a big deal for the area, the entire state of Mississippi was impacted in a major way.

“What’s exciting about this project that I think is different from every other solar project in the state, this project was sourced with Mississippi product, the Stion panels were manufactured in Hattiesburg and it’s financed by Mississippi financial institutions,” said Matt Kisber, CEO of Silicon Ranch.

Economic developers will also tout the solar farm to prospective industries.

“When companies see large corporations like Silicon Ranch, repeatedly investing in a county, they take note, so it’s easier to recruit,” said Josh West, of Three Rivers Planning and Development District.

The solar farm goes online in about a month.

About 75 workers built the solar farm, about half of those were from the local area.

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