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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-Graduation is just around the corner for many college students; which usually means they’re looking for a job.

Recent studies show encouraging numbers but does that still mean college students are seeing that big of an improvement in the job market?

As many college students prepare to leave behind a life of classes and transition into the work force, they’re having better luck at landing a decent job.

“Certainly it’s improved over the past three years. We’re seeing now where students are in most cases within six months of graduation…6 months after graduation are able to secure positions that directly relate to their field of studies,” says Scott Maynard.

But that’s not the case for Chad Barasch. He’s a political Science graduate who spends his days pouring coffee.

“I had my first coffee job when I was 16 years old so when we moved across the country here we looked around for job opportunities and this place was a good fit,” says Chad Barasch.

Unemployment for College Graduates in 2013 was 10.9 percent. That’s down from 13.3 percent from 2012.

Even though the job market is looking better for college graduates, finding that perfect job remains a challenge without experience.

“The ones that are landing that dream jobs are the ones that took advantage of opportunities to gain practical experiences in their field of study prior to graduation so the students that participated in internships participated in the co-op program,” says Maynard.

The U.S. Labor Department study shows 260,000 college graduates were working a minimum wage job last year.

Even though Barasch’s job doesn’t reflect his degree, he feels his manager position is another stepping stone to a future career.

“I think as I saw myself personally more interested in pursuing a second degree the time in between graduating and then could be spent building my resume in other ways other than jumping straight into a profession,” says Barasch.

While landing your dream job may take time, Barasch hopes students remember one very important thing.

“Do something that you love make sure that you know there is more to it a job than just getting paid,” says Barasch.

Experts say it can take up to 8 months to find a secure job, so they encourage college students to start the search early.


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