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HAMILTON, Miss. (WCBI)-If you has an extra spring in your step today some say it could be from the sunshine. After almost a week of no sun across our viewing area many rejoicing at the glimpse of spring.

Old man winter may finally be marching away, leaving many looking forward to brighter days.

“Well I enjoy seeing the sun cause we haven’t seen no sun in a while,” says Berenice West.

“I was excited. The bad weather has been depressing and you can’t plan anything. Now, you can get out and plan and go and not worry about the traffic and the road conditions,” says Mark Beaver.

If you’ve been down in the dumps lately, the month of bitter cold temperatures and limited sunlight may be to blame.

Angela Robinson, a therapist at the community Counseling Center in Columbus says the weather has a big influence on your mental and emotional health.

“Just everyday people that have low moods less energy associated with the weather. On days getting better like today a lot of people will see that their symptoms will alleviate because of being out in the sun,” says Angela Robinson.

“On my drive to work I was like, yay, maybe we can finally go outside,” says Stephanie Cain.

Stephanie Cain who teaches third graders at Hamilton Elementary School knew the sunshine would make her students restless.

“It’s defiantly more of a challenge when we have back to back inside recess because the kids are just so bottled up they’re just really to go so it’s defiantly exciting to see the sun shinning so hopefully if we get some more sun shine we’ll actually get to go outside,” says Cain.

Even though snow days meant for a day away from the classroom, several students say they are glad it’s finally getting warmer.

“I like to go outside and play when it’s the the sun is shinning,” says Katlyn West.

“Kind of happy because I want to go outside,” says Ean Collum.

“Kind of happy that the sun is shinning…kind of awe that we have to go back to school,” says Elizabeth Maxey.

Sunny skies are expected throughout the next week.

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