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TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) -For students, faculty, staff and guests who filled the Tupelo High school gym, this program was a celebration in song.

 And an opportunity for storytellers Kim and Reggie Harris to celebrate the heroes of the civil rights movement.
“They’ve heard the name Jackie Robinson, they’ve heard Rosa Parks, maybe a little about the Freedom Rides, certainly about Frederick Douglas, but we expand those stories and give more of the details they might not have heard about,” said Kim Harris.
This husband and wife team gets to travel the country, sharing the stories, and they especially enjoy performing in the south.

“The remarkable thing about southern history is that people were so involved with each other, i think in many other areas of the country, the country was, things were covered over a little more, they were denied, the north forgets it even had slavery,” Reggie Harris said.

Students have been studying about black history all month. They say it’s important to remember the struggles people had, simply because of the color of their skin.

“It’s important to look back at the past and realize what happened so we don’t repeat it again, so we can build on that and develop a better society,” said THS Senior Abby Hunt.

“It’s important to remember all this so we can realize how far we’ve come as a nation and how we have sacrificed as much as we have and continue to move forward,” said THS Senior Ashton Huey.

“It’s important to remember where we came from as black people so we will not be ,  as forgetful and throw it aside like  hey we’re here, we’ve always been here cause there was a time when we wouldn’t be at Tupelo High School with white students or students of other races,” said THS Senior Erin Ezell.

As the program wrapped up with THS VOICES, audience members knew they had experienced a living and vibrant history lesson, that won’t be forgotten.







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