VIDEO: Tips On Avoiding Germs This Flu Season


WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – Most of us know, as soon as we hear a co-worker sneeze and cough, there’s nowhere for the rest of the office to hide.

“People don’t even know their sick but they’re contagious already,” said West Point Urgent Team Nurse Practitioner Amanda Fondren.

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Many surfaces and objects at; work, school, or in between, are covered in germs. Fondren says, not to worry there’re tools to fight the spread.

“One of the main things is wash your hands. Wash them regularly during your day. When you’re out and about especially when you go into any; public facility, you handle any door, handle bathroom knobs, any kind of fixture that other people touch. It’s important to wash your hands after that,” said Fondren.

Being proactive is key in the flu fight. If you still end up feeling symptoms the experts say, head on in for a check up.

“It’s a good idea to go ahead and be checked. If you have the flu or are symptomatic for the flu, to be treated. So that you don’t stay contagious and continue to spread the virus,” said Fondren.

“Lets not wait three four days because three or four days you could be building the viral load and making it worse,” said West Point Urgent Team Nurse Karina Reyes.

Fondren says since germs can be found everywhere you must be prepared to run across them, anywhere.

“It’s helpful to carry them on yourself in like a bag or in your vehicle a small thing of hand sanitizer that you can use regularly after you get out to pump gas or after you get back in your vehicle from a store before you touch your wheel. Doing small things like that to keep the germ load on your hands down,” said Reyes.

Reyes says the single best way to avoid the flu all together is of course the flu shot.

“It’s going to give your body the antibodies it needs to fight off the virus once it comes in contact with your body. You may experience small cough you may get a low grade fever that’s your body’s way of getting you ready. When you come in contact with the flu it’s ready to fight,” said Reyes.

Studies show three million people get the flu each year.

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