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Webster County, MS(WCBI)-A fight over the poor condition of a road and a 70-year-old man’s mobility is turning into a trashy mess in Webster County.

For Robert Fornal of Mantee, it’s a good thing the weather has been cold. In summer anyone walking down this road is sure to smell garbage that’s been piling up month after month.

“I’m hoping they’ll pick it up, I hope they’ll start picking it up. That’s what I pay for. I’m paying for two years for them to pick up my garbage,” said Fornal.

Let the record show, Fornal has been paying his bill every month. And with it, he’s been sending a note in red ink making it plain that while trucks are rolling everywhere, there has been no garbage pick up on his road since September 2012. Of course, paying is a requirement.

“The legislature is set up these garbage districts, and you are required to pay a garbage bill if you produce garbage regardless. And its kind of, the burden is on you to get it to where the garbage truck can pick it up,” said John Holliman, GTR Waste Management Services.

Webster County Supervisors tell WCBI News, they have tried to work with Fornal. The road is in bad shape, so bad the county once tried to condemn it because it’s not worth repairing because Fornal is the only resident.

“For several years trucks would back down the road, they picked up my garbage, not a problem,” said Fornal.

But that was then, and Webster officials say the roads has gotten worse and trash trucks are too big for the roadway, although a turnaround spot was created.

“Garbage trucks have gotten stuck three times over there in the past. And so that’s why we had asked him to bring it to the road, to the main road,” said Holliman.

“I’m 70 years old. Me hauling a garbage can down a muddy road in the rain, cold weather, a quarter mile for them to pick it up….no,” said Fornal.

No doubt, for right now Fornal will keep on paying for those services he says he is not getting, If he doesn’t he gets no vehicle registration renewal. Meanwhile a health hazard is brewing. Animals have been scattering the rubbish across the road and into the woods.

Fornal tells WCBI News he will continue seeking assistance, according to the Mantee resident, a copy of his complaint has been forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office.

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  • Johnnie

    Shame on Webster county and WCSWM. Fix this road or his supervisor go get the trash and take it the fourth mile. He is paying for it to be picked up at his house or refund his money. How would you like to have several monthes of trash sitting in your yard. SEND A TRUCK and do what he has been paying for!!!!!!!!!! If someone was throwing trash out on side of road you would be raising cain !!!!!! So what’s the difference??????

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