Video: Trussell Prepared To “Take The State By Storm” As Leader Of Yellowjackets


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — When asked what are his plans to improve the Starkville Yellowjackets’ athletic program, new athletic director Dr. Cheyenne Trussell says he won’t “reinvent the wheel.”

Trussell comes the Starkville by way of Hattiesburg, and is ready to hit the ground running while leading the already-successful sports program.

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“My vision is to take the state by storm,” Trussell said, “with all of the resources that we have here, the culture is already a winning culture, so it’s just a matter of being able to compete at every level.”

While in Hattiesburg, Trussell oversaw a combined $6.1 million in projects, most notably Hattiesburg High School’s football stadium, baseball stadium, gymnasium and field house.