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TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – There’s a lot to celebrate for staff, volunteers and supporters of Global Outreach.

God’s blessed us all these years,” said Chief Operations Officer Pete Gibson. 

For 43 years, Global Outreach has helped raise support for missionaries, and sent them around the world.

The Tupelo based ministry has a missionary force of about 225 in 40 countries. Administrators say part of the growth is due to what they call a “no boundaries” philosophy.

It’s our goal not to build walls and put up obstacles that keep people from getting to the field , we do our best to try to help people along the way as they’re trying to get there, to help them overcome obstacles. We don’t require an educational level. We feel like who are we to say no when God said go,” Gibson said. 

Some Global Outreach missionaries are stateside, visiting with supporters, speaking at churches and attending the ministry’s annual “Missions Conference.”

The event gives missionaries like Tom and Vicky Arabis a chance to show and tell others about their work in Portugal.

We are involved in leadership training for the church in Portugal, we work at a theological seminary we have also developed an online platform so that students all around the country can study the Bible,” Tom said. 

Global Outreach missionaries are able to use the ministry’s website to keep others informed about their work and also to get support.

Many of the missionaries have been on the field for years, but there are others, like Nicky and Kristie Runk, who are preparing to go into full time service. They will work in Haiti at the Global Outreach Conference Center near Port au Prince. The ability to multi task will come in handy.

Well drilling, running a conference center, burn center, feeding program, we have 300 kids in our school, church planting and also we have a ministry ministering to other missionaries,” Nicky Runk said. 

Nicky’s journey to full time missionary service began with a short trip to Haiti 11 years ago. In fact, volunteers are another key aspect of the ministry’s reach. Last year more than 14 hundred volunteers visited missionaries on the field who serve through Global Outreach.

For more information go to www.globaloutreach.org





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