Video: Tupelo To Have Air Service Starting April 5th


TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – Tupelo will soon be flying again.

Nashville based Contour Airlines will start its service out of the Tupelo Regional Airport on April 5th.

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The airline will offer 30 flights weekly to Nashville in its 9 seat, JetStream 31 Turboprop.

Contour is offering a special fare of$18.99  one way on all tickets booked before April 30th.

“We know the secret to our success is getting people to come out and try the service and that’s the reason for us offering 18 dollar and 99 cent fares each way. We know the best form of advertising is going to be word of mouth, so I encourage all of you to come out, try the service, talk about it with your friends, we know you are going to have a great experience and it will become an important part of your plans each time you decide to travel by air,” said Matt Chaifetz, CEO of Contour Airlines.

Contour is operated by Corporate Flight Management, which has been in business for more than 30 years. Also, Contour will park a spare aircraft at the Tupelo Regional Airport in case it is needed.