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By Chad Groening

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – The Tupelo Veterans Museum is cramped for space and would like to find a new building.

If you attended the Tupelo Christmas parade this year, you saw some historical military vehicles manned by volunteers decked out in World War II uniforms.

Unfortunately only one of those vehicles is on display at the museum.

The facility, located with the Oren Dunn Museum, has been receiving a lot of vintage memorabilia, and curator Tony Lute says they need a building three or four times the size of their current building.

“If I had the means I’d like to be in a bigger building,” Lute said. “We host the veterans breakfast at the American Legion now. And I’d love to have a building big enough to where I could do like I did the mall actually to have it at the museum.”

Lute relocated the Veterans Museum from the Mall at Barnes Crossing to its current location to take advantage of the museum traffic at Oren Dunn.

Lute started the museum 12 years ago at his home in Verona.

He hopes that someone might offer him a bigger building in order to display all of his vintage vehicles.

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  • Diva

    Why not construct a building just North of the Automobile Museum, and have the Veteran’s Museum in conjunction with the Auto museum? The City of Tupelo could help, as well as grant money on tap with the grant writer located in the City confines. The City has provided Mr. Spain a place to house his cars, with the City reaping tourist benefits from that one. A Veterans Museum is not too much to ask for those who served their country.

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