Video: Tupelo’s Camp G.I.R.L.Y. Giving Girls a Healthy Outlook

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TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) -Young ladies from Northeast Mississippi are learning how to boost their self esteem and tackle bullying as part of a fun, interactive camp.
WCBI’s Allie Martin has more from Tupelo.

Thirty-eight  third through sixth graders are learning the importance of respect for others.

“It’s a lot harder to say nice things to people than it is to say mean things to people.”

Warner King will be a senior at Tupelo High School and last year she wanted to hold a summer camp for young girls, that addressed deep issues such as true beauty, self esteem and other topics pre-teens deal with.

“They’re looking at media everyday, whether they’re in the store looking at a Vogue magazine or watching a commercial for Covergirl, they’re always seeing women caked on with makeup or surgery enhancements that make them look unrealistic and I think many times even people in their grade, especially young boys, pressure them into feeling that they don’t look the way they should.”

So she came up with the idea for “Camp GIRLY” which stands for “Girls, In Reality, Love Yourselves”. Twenty two staffers help out at the five day camp, and each day has a different theme, such as body image, health and fitness and anti bullying.

“It’s just good to help people out when they’re being bullied.”

“Even if you don’t have confidence, you can still stand up to someone that’s bullying someone else, even without talking to them.”

There is also game time, and when the week is finished, Warner King hopes the young ladies will take a lot of valuable life lessons home with them.

‘”Mainly to feel better about themselves and understand they have a community in GIRLY camp with staffers and campers they can go to when they have certain problems.”

The camp is free and King hopes to expand it next year. In Tupelo I’m Allie Martin WCBI News.


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